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Pen Ballpoint Retractable with Silicone Grip Blue Ink 2pk

by Ronis
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Experience smooth and comfortable writing with our Ballpoint Retractable Pens featuring a silicone grip for enhanced control. This pack includes two pens, each equipped with a retractable design for hassle-free use. The pens are filled with high-quality blue ink, providing a reliable and consistent flow for all your writing needs. The silicone grip ensures a comfortable hold, allowing you to write for extended periods without fatigue. The retractable mechanism adds convenience, eliminating the need for caps and protecting the pen tip when not in use. Whether you're taking notes, making lists, or jotting down ideas, these pens are a practical and stylish choice for everyday writing tasks. Elevate your writing experience with the combination of smooth ink flow, ergonomic design, and retractable functionality. Upgrade your writing tools with our Ballpoint Retractable Pens for a delightful and efficient writing experience.