See Ur Future™ Animated Hanging Fortune Teller (51cm)

See Ur Future™ Animated Hanging Fortune Teller (51cm)


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  • Do you want to be a fortune teller and see what's in the future of the people you know?

    Dream no more! Get our See Ur Future™ Animated Hanging Fortune Teller. Hang it to your door and start to read the future of everyone who will go inside your house/room. The moving hands, light, and scary sound coming from it will give your guests a little bit of an idea of what kind of a fortune teller you are. Ready your costume and make your guests a bit afraid of your readings about them. Just for fun only!

    Are you excited about the idea? Get it now!


    • Type: Hanging decor
    • Size: 51cm
    • Moving decor, light and sound features

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