Halloween Products

Our Halloween products are now in store at Ronis,  below you can see the best plan for an amazing party remember we have all you need to get your Halloween party started.

Halloween is my favorite time of year, when I have the opportunity to host my own party, invite my friends over, and do my best to gross them out! This year, I’m going for a maniacal menu of “finger foods,” a diabolical bar of devilish drinks, and demonic decorations that will put a fright in every one of my party guests. Follow these tips to make your Halloween party a frightful fête!

“Finger” Foods: Make Ordinary Party Foods into Creepy Bites

  • Witch’s Fingers: Coat pretzel rods with honey mixed with a dash of red food dye, and roll them in crushed peanuts. Dip the ends in the red-dyed honey for an extra bloody digit!
  • Skewered Eyeballs: Marinate mozzarella balls flavored with herbs and spices. Attach sliced black and green olives with a toothpick to make the pupils.
  • Brain Cheese: Mold a party cheese log into the shape of a human brain, add pimento peppers for realistic blood clots. Cut tortillas into ghoulish shapes with cookie cutters, then lightly toast and spread the brain food on top!

Mad Scientist Drinks

  • Themed Drinks: Enliven bottles with homemade labels to change your favorite soda or fruit drink into tempting poisons and elixirs, such as Rat Poison, Witches Brew, or Truth Serum.
  • “Bloody” Glasses: Coat the edge of drinking glasses using corn syrup dyed with red food coloring, turn right side up and allow mixture to drip down the glasses to serve your creepy concoctions in.
  • Gross-out Factor: Make Jell-O discs and cover drinks to make a skin layer you have to eat before drinking!

Hollywood Special Effects

  • Spookify the Place: Hang shredded black garbage bags in entrance ways and old torn sheets in windows to make your party room look decrepit and abandoned. Shredded black garbage bags make great tablecloths too — just roll everything up in the bags after the party and toss in the garbage! What could be easier?
  • House of Haunts: Ominous shapes and shadowy figures lurking in windows and doorways can be easily created from cardboard covered in black tissue paper. Battery-operated lights hidden in corners will give your room and shadowy figures a spooky glow.
  • Lose a Finger: Creepy specimens in jars will make a gruesome statement on any table. They are simple to create with colored water and plastic body parts in clear glass jars. Add red-colored corn syrup to votive candles for a bloody addition to your creepy collection.

MYO Costumes

  • “Make-Your-Own Costume Bar”: Invite friends over the week before the big party and ask each to bring funky clothes and accessories to mix and match to create unique costumes. This is an inexpensive way to make different costumes from what you already have and have fun seeing what kooky concoctions everyone comes up with.
  • Celebrity Masquerade Charades: Pick your favorite celeb and your favorite movie they were in and dress up like that character. Have a contest with all of your friends and make a party game out of guessing which celeb and character you are.
  • Instant Costumes: If your friends show up without a costume (lame!), be prepared with instant masks. Inexpensive masquerade masks can be transformed with leftover materials from class projects, crafts, and ordinary household items such as markers, hole punches, and my favorite, white out! This is also a great group activity at your Halloween party!

So, have a Halloween party idea of your own? Share it with other readers in the comments!